Paris and team have begun sourcing Monemvasia from the nearby Cycladic island of Paros and blend it 50/50 with the press-juice Assyrtiko. The result, while not appellation Santorini, is a gloriously drinkable new expression of the southern Aegean from the acknowledged master of Santorini.


Appellation: PGI Cyclades


Tasting Notes

This is a delightful marriage of two grapes that are indigenous to Santorini: the Assyrtiko variety, intense, earthy, and clearly expressing the volcanic island soil; and the more aromatic Monemvasia, As is the custom on Santorini, the vines are trained in basket shapes to protect the fruit from the intense wind. It's an elegant way of extracting great fruit from a wild landscape, and when you taste this wine, you'll be very glad they figured it out. Try with shrimp in herb sauce.