Aspros Lagos Vidiano


Classic white vinification at 20°C, with fermentation in barrels.
The wine matures in new and second use barrels, made of 40%
acacia and 60% French oak, for five months. Only 500 cases a year are produced.


Appellation: PGI Crete, from the sub-region of Dafnes

Tasting Notes

Very nice golden colour, with green and yellow hues. Its aroma is rich of white flowers and citrus fruits, with a delicate buttery bouquet of a slight beeswax scent, apricot, linden and melon. Rich flavour that, while being aged in bottle, gets velvet, buttery and develops a dense apricot character. You can distinguish a seductive mineral flavour in the background. Superior, long lasting aftertaste second to none, in apricot tones.